The home buying and selling process can be stressful...even overwhelming.
You don't want to work with just any real estate agent. You need a professional
who’s backed by a team with integrity, experience and knowledge.
You want someone who’ll put you first, care for you like family
and strive to make your real estate experience an incredible one.

There’s one Greenville, South Carolina REALTOR® who will make all the difference, going above and beyond when it comes to buying or selling THAT home.

So #whosTHATagent? It's Ronnetta Griffin.
Learn more about why she’s really THAT good and what she can do for you.



Find out more about Ronnetta,
her inspiration to work in real estate,
and the services That Realty Group
can provide to Home Sellers and Buyers.

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Greenville, SC

Looking for THAT home in the
South Carolina Upstate?
I can show you just about any residential
listing in and around the Greenville area.

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What matters most to you when choosing a REALTOR®?
Reputation? Honesty? Skill?
Loyalty? Positive attitude?
Responsiveness? Compassion? Attention to detail?
I bring all that and more to every personal and professional relationship.
By putting my heart into everything I do, I’m able to care
for my clients like family, every step of the way.”
— Ronnetta Griffin

Ronnetta Griffin - Agent with That Realty Group
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